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Jinyu - great design and good quality.

The tyres of the Jinyu brand have long been very popular with Chinese car owners. Now more and more customers in the rest of the world also discover the highly good looking appearance as well as the sound quality of those Jinyu tyres, which we also have available at Superior Car's Jinyu tyres in Northampton.

Calm and safely on the roads

In the Asian market, Jinyu tyres have always been highly appreciated -  Not surprising, as the optimal support surface ensures a very quiet driving behaviour and very even wear. Besides, all models impress with their outstanding running behaviour, which increases the driving enjoyment once more. Jinyu's also left a great impression visually due to the great design - have a look at our range of Jinyu tyres to convince yourself. Whether you need summer tyres or tyres for the cold season, with Jinyu tyres, you will always be safe. Both, the summer tyres as well as the winter tyres offer outstanding traction plus a very good grip level, contributing to comprehensive safety during every car trip. In addition, the winter models provide the M + S label identifying them as Mud and snow tyres.  

Another Chinese success! 

The Jinyu Tyre company was established in 1995 and is producing  High-Quality tyres for different cars and other vehicles. The Jinyu brand is part of the Shandong Tyre Company, which is very successful internationally itself. In the development of Jinyu tyres, the company continuous research and material research are of fundamental importance. Each tyre model has to go through to multiple tests before it can go on sale. Jinyu tyres have all necessary certifications for European and US American standards. Jinyu's are now sold in more than one hundred countries worldwide. 

Qualitative and also visually appealing - Jinyu tyres know how to convince in many ways. No wonder the models of the Chinese tyre manufacturer can offer a lot of great handling characteristics such as an advanced grip level, consistent wear and quiet driving behaviour.

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