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Kenda Tyres

Through constant innovation, Kenda tyre brand has grown to be a leading tyre company of automotive vehicles.

We at Superior Cars have stocked Kenda Tyres manufactures the following types of tyres, with dozens of styles in each:

  • ATV Tyres
  • Motorcycle Tyres
  • Lawn/Turf Tyres
  • Trailer Tyres
  • Trencher Tyres
  • Automotive Tyres, etc.
  • We have stocked and launched a new line of value-priced tyres that is made for all makes and models of passenger cars, SUVs and light trucks.

  • If you regularly go off-road in really severe challenging off-roading conditions like thick mud, then Kenda’s Klever M/T KR29 should be a deliberation as it delivers more power-driven traction and that too due to the large voids.
  • The Kenda Kaiser KR20 - their added rim protector offers the further layer of resistance and hence provides superior and excellent acceleration and braking performance even at high speeds. It is manufactured using a unique compound that provides stability and excellent grip performance.
  • Kenetica KR17 is as touring tyre which is known for stability and security along with superb grip. It has a durable and unique tread compound which makes it a great all around tyre.
  • The Kenda Kenetica KR17- this pair of tyres features a variable pitch tread arrangement which lessens noise.
  • Komet Plus KR23 – tyres with an outstanding groove design which improves its water dispersion rate. These tyres deliver noise-free rides. This is an all-season tyre, so it works well in any climate.
  • Komet SPT-1 KR10- ply to improve robustness, uniformity and handling stability of the tyre even at high speed.
  • The Kenda Komet SPT-2 KR09 - finest pattern offers exceptional driving comfort and reduces noise.
  • So, if you are looking for an outstanding range of Kenda tyres, look no further than Superior Cars as per the size you require.



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