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Keter tyres are part of the Chinese tyre production company Qingdao Keter Tyre Co. Ltd.

The production site is located in Qingdao, in the Shandong Province which is the largest tyre-producing base in China. This relatively young company was founded in 2009 but became very successful in a very short period with annual turnovers of over USD 50 million.

Qingdao Keter Tyre Co. Ltd. is also the producer of another very successful tyre brand - INTERTRAC. The company produces specialised tyres for commercial vehicles and machines as well as passenger car tyres and has received all certificates like ISO, DOT, CCC and much more.

KETER tyres are being sold in more than 110 countries, and the company has sales agents in more than 40 countries. Since 2016, Qingdao Keter Tyre Co. Ltd. has also started to produce Runflat tyres for both of their tyre brands to be able to extend their market presence even further.

Keter tyres also belong to the cheap budget tyre range. Keter tyres are a good for those drivers who are not doing a lot of mileage. That means if you only drive standard routes and do very average mileage and lower speeds. 

Please check out our list of Keter tyres on our easy to use Superior cars tyre website. There you can see all available Keter Summer tyres, Winter tyres, All-season tyres and Run-flat tyres.

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