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Nokian tyres

Based in Nokia, Finland- Nokian tyres is the biggest manufacturing unit in the world that emphasises on client needs in northern conditions. They are appreciated for their proficiency in the production of winter tyres, summer tyres, all season tyres, etc. that are perfect for all your makes and models. The company supplies innovative tyres for cars, trucks and specialised heavy machinery mainly in areas with limited defies on tyre performance: snow, forests and harsh driving conditions in different seasons at different places.

We at Superior Cars offers an extensive range of Nokian tyres which is consistently targeting for justifiable elucidations for safety and the environment. In recent years we had excelled in the supply of these tyres in the town and nearby areas. Few from the Nokian list are as follow:

  • Line -The Nokian Line summer tyre bosses’ rapidly changing summer weather and hence offers the best grip in dry areas.
  • Line SUV -Nokian Line SUV is a 4x4 tyre that delivers higher levels of performance and firm wet grip
  • Rotiiva AT - The Nokian Rotiiva AT is an all-terrain tyre, constructed to perform both on and off the road and is perfect for 4x4 and XUVs
  • Rotiiva HT - Rotiiva HT is manufactured using high-tech technology to deliver reliable performance for 4x4s and that too on different road surfaces and in extremely challenging weather conditions.
  • Weatherproof –it is an All-Season tyre which is capable of delivering a top performance throughout the year irrespective of the weather conditions
  • WR A3 -The Nokian WR A3 has been manufactured to wrestle the changing winter weather conditions.
  • WR A4 -Nokian's WR A4 is a winter tyre established for using in the freezing winter months of the year.
  • WR D3 -The Nokian WR D3 possesses an excellent aquaplaning resistance and reliable wet braking.



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