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About the brand Petlas

This company is a Turkish tyre manufacturer. The company has existed since 1976 and has been distributing its cheap tyres since then also internationally. The company initially specialised in tyres for the military sector as well as agricultural and industrial tyres. The production of regular car tyres began later. 

Even SUVs and 4x4 tyres are available, and also tyres for military aircraft are produced by Petlas. The tyre quality is therefore very high, which you can already profit from here on our website at a small price. 

Petlas summer tyres - cheap and sporty

At Superior Cars, you will find your cheap summer tyres. After all, we have many renowned manufacturers of premium and budget tyres for you to make a few bargains. In this regard, you can look forward to a variety of Petlas summer tyres for your car. Many of these sporty tyres are approved for top speeds. However, before using the tyres, it is important to take a look at the tyre label to find out what the speed rating of the tyre is.

The tyre size also plays a significant role. Therefore, trust our configurator to have the tyres with the right dimensions displayed immediately. We are pleased to offer this service to our customers.

Low rolling resistance saves fuel

You need a new winter tyre, but want or cannot spend so much money? Then take a look at the Petlas winter tyres in our Onlineshop. We offer you the tyres in a very favourable way, but with the Snowmaster W651, you can save even more money. You do not have to jeopardise your safety in wintery road conditions. The Petlas winter tyre is available in many sizes and can be used for numerous vehicle models. It carries the snowflake symbol and is thus proven to be winter-proof, which is not a matter of course with such a cheap budget tyre. Also, pay attention to the values of the EU tyre label when purchasing them - they provide information on wet adhesion, noise and fuel efficiency of a tyre.

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