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Do you want a tyre that is just right for your car and will also give you more fun? Then you can be sure that Pirelli has the right tyre for you. Pirelli cooperates with 36 different vehicle manufacturers. For Pirelli, quality and performance counts! For you, this means more driving pleasure and an incomparable driving experience with your new tyres. No matter what type of tyre you are looking for and which car you want to equip with tyres, Pirelli provides you with first-class tyres that increase your safety when driving and are also environmentally friendly. Through innovations and future-oriented technologies you get a Pirelli tyre, which is perfect for your car. We at Superior Cars always have a wide variety of Pirelli tyres available. Please have a look on our website.

Let us also give you a bit more information about this fantastic tyre manufacturer.

At Pirelli it is well known that a modern tyre must be adapted to the technological equipment of the car. A tyre must be able to react directly to the impulses of the electronic control system. The tyre must therefore be built in such a way that it "understands" the personality of the car. Pirelli produces special tyres for certain cars in order to optimally adjust the tire to an automobile model. The small details make it the difference between a good and a perfect driving feeling. Developing a new tire can be compared with the production of a tailor-made garment. The tyre must also be checked and corrected. It takes an average of three years for Pirelli to develop a new tyre. During this period, the tyre is tested in cooperation with various car manufacturers. This ensures that the tyre is optimally suited for the corresponding car models for which it is developed. Through the cooperation with the car manufacturers, Pirelli acquires professional knowledge that is not accessible to many companies. It is no secret that Pirelli is one of the best manufacturers of high-quality tyres. When Pirelli is satisfied with the performance of a tyre, it goes into production. At this point it becomes clear that the interaction between car and tyre is ideal. If the tyre is optimally tuned to the car, it shows its full performance when driving.


Pirelli is the fifth largest tyre manufacturer in the world. The company specializes in first-class high-performance tyres. The aim of Pirelli is to become the world market leader in this segment. Pirelli was founded in 1872 and today employs around 37,000 people. The company is represented in more than 160 countries around the world. The tyre production plants are spread over five continents. Pirelli invests approximately three percent of the revenue in research every year to continue to perfect the safety, quality and environmental compatibility of the products. For Pirelli, the company also has a social commitment. Pirelli has been involved in motorsports for a long time. In the 2011-2013 championship, Pirelli was the sole supplier of Formula One tyres. Pirelli produces tyres for motor vehicles, industrial vehicles and motorcycles. The production sites that manufacture these tyres are located in Argentina, China, Egypt and Great Britain. Pirelli's goal is to ensure that the company's products are associated with quality, strong feelings and optimal performance. By combining technical expertise with innovation, Pirelli produces first-class quality tyres. For this reason, Pirelli is able to cooperate with some of the world's most influential car and motorcycle companies. ,Giovanni Battista Pirelli was the name of the man who founded the company Pirelli in 1872, who then produced rubber products. The company produced the first car tyre in 1901. At the beginning of the 20th century, Pirelli expanded rapidly and opened several factories abroad. Already at this time Pirelli participated in races. In the 1920s many victorious racers drove with Pirelli tyres. In 1927 Pirelli presented the tire called Superflex Stella Bianca, which was specially developed for racing. The growth of the company also continued in the 50s, 60s and 70s. New production sites were opened. Pirelli also bought the German tyre manufacturer Veith. Between 1992 and 1993, the entire company was restructured and impressed with the new high-performance tyre series Pirelli P Zero in its international relaunch. The company history of Pirelli is a story of constant growth and expansion. Pirelli is now active not only as a tire manufacturer, but also in other areas such as the real estate market. In 2001 the Pirelli laboratories were opened. This is the starting point for developments which are the basis for Pirelli's market leadership. Since 2011, there is a Pirelli brand-name tyre, the Cinturato P1, which reduces fuel consumption and is an extremely powerful tyre. This tyre is specially designed for small and medium sized vehicles. Thanks to Pirelli's decades of experience in the production of tyres for Formula 1, the PZero Silver was introduced in 2011: a tire that is suitable for conventional passenger cars, but whose technology is inspired by Formula 1 tires. In order to continue to thrive as a company and continue to develop, Pirelli is committed to technological advances. This means that not only a wider range can be offered in the future. The construction of new factories will also increase production capacity, while the Pirelli brand will be strengthened by a creative marketing strategy.



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