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Riken tyres - Northampton - Superior Cars!

Riken tyres have been around for quite a long time. The Japanese company was founded around 100 years ago but did not start to produce tyres right away. Since 1992, Riken has been part of the Michelin Group, and this has even improved access to the European market, while the tyres have already been available in the USA since the 1970s. Now you can also buy Riken tyres in the UK, including here at Superior Cars in Northampton!

Unlike Michelin tyres, Riken tyres are very cheap and therefore also appeal to those drivers who are very budget conscious. Then, however, not only the purchase price is important, but also the profitability of the tyre. If for example, the tyre has a low rolling resistance, it lowers fuel consumption. This can be seen in many independent test reports, but also on the EU tyre label, which is now obligatory and is displayed in our online shop for every product. Also, only a small amount of wear helps to save, because this keeps the tyre intact and therefore safe for longer.

With Riken tyres safely on the road

Riken tyres come from the house Michelin. The tyre quality is indeed very imposing. At the same time, you get tyres from this manufacturer at comparatively low prices, and they convince by their high profitability. This includes, for example, moderate wear.

As mentioned before, Riken is a Japanese tyre brand. The company was founded in 1917 - at that time Riken was a chemical factory. The success story of the car has, however, led to the fact that very soon the production of tyres has become the company's number one priority. In 1992 the company went to the Michelin Group, whose development work also involved the Riken summer- and winter tyres, resulting in significant advantages for budget range customers. Riken tyres are available for cars and light commercial vehicles and, the best thing, you can also buy Riken tyres in Northampton at Superior Cars!



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