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 Tyres for many vehicle models made by Rotalla

Anyone looking for cheap tyres will hardly be able to get past Rotalla tyres. The Chinese budget tyre manufacturer wants to secure market shares in Europe and offers its summer and winter tyres at the lowest possible prices. This includes, for example, the Rotalla F105. The high-performance tyre with the asymmetrical profile is suitable for sporty vehicles and has four longitudinal grooves. So the water on the rainy road is better derived from the tyre so that aquaplaning has no chance. On the other hand, the Rotalla 109 is well suited for small cars and compact cars.

Rotalla tyres are available for the summer and the winter season, such as the S100 and the S210. A high number of slats provide grip on ice and snow. This facilitates start-up and shortens the braking distance. Order your Rotalla winter tyres before the onset of winter at Superior Cars. We offer attractive prices and a wide selection of tyres from all manufacturers.

Buy Rotalla tyres in Northampton at Superior Cars!

Our Rotalla tyre range in short:

Rotalla Ice-Plus S110 *

Rotalla S100*

Rotalla Setula E-Pace RHO1 

Rotalla RH02

Rotalla SR1


Rotalla 109

Rotalla F109

Rotalla RF09

For the full range of Rotalla tyres, please have a look at our Superior cars website. We are confident, and you will find the perfect tyres for your vehicle in next to no time. For any questions or if you need advice, please call us.



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