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Low rolling resistance

The Sunny brand is manufactured and marketed by the South China Tyre & Rubber Co., Ltd. It attaches great importance to low prices and at the same time strives for high quality. The Sunny tyres for summer and winter should not only provide safety but also be economically attractive. The rolling resistance plays an important role as well. The lesser it is, the fewer energy losses are there, and this is noticeable by lower fuel consumption. This is achieved, for example, by the Sunny Snowmaster SN 3830, which had the lowest rolling resistance of all candidates in a 2013 car test. In addition, the tyre must be designed in such a way that it can wear evenly in all situations - it prolongs its life and does not have to be replaced so quickly. An extensive selection of cheap Sunny tyres can be found in our Superior Cars Onlineshop. The wide product range makes them available for small cars as well as for larger and more powerful vehicles.

Economical tyres from the Far East

Sunny tyres combine a favourable price and good quality because the manufacturer attaches great importance to good driving characteristics and a certain comfort level. The Chinese tyre brand wants to dispute established company market shares. The company was founded in 1988 and distributes its products in more than 100 countries - more than 30 million tyres are sold every year. They offer safety in case of dryness and wetness, and the Sunny Winter tyres have a tread compound with Silica, which improves their adhesion to ice and snow.

By buying the Sunny SN3830 you get a winter tyre with a good price/performance ratio, which is suitable for many vehicle models. It is especially for cost-conscious drivers a worthwhile alternative to expensive brand tyres. You can save money not only during the purchase but also when driving. The low rolling resistance of this Sunny winter tyre reduces fuel consumption and even wear across the entire tread ensures that the SN3860 does not wear so quickly.

So if you are looking for cheap tyres, take a look at the Sunny our Sunny tyres in our Onlineshop. Order online and choose home delivery or shop fitting.

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