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Uniroyal is a tyre manufacturer who initially produced tyres under the name Englebert. It was only after the merger with the American company Uniroyal in 1958 that the Englebert-Uniroyal doubled. To complete the business's history, the tyre manufacturer joined the Continental AG in 1979 as a subsidiary company. The trademark of the Uniroyal tyres is their excellent behaviour when wet, whether in winter or summer. The risk of aquaplaning is reduced to a minimum by the innovative profile of the Uniroyal tyres, which gives you a high degree of safety due to excellent ground adhesion and the transmitted braking force in road traffic. And a specially developed rubber mixture ensures a long running time of the Uniroyal tires thanks to certain plasticisers.

Summer and winter tyres from Uniroyal

Uniroyal has been a successful European brand for the Continental Group for more than three decades. The name is regarded as a synonym for the position as a "rain tyre specialist". Uniroyal tyres were rated "good" in various tests on dry roads. When wet, the tyres occupy even top spots. Thus, Uniroyal tyres meet the wishes of consumers for special protection on the wet road. Even with aquaplaning, the braking distances remain short. 

Poor weather conditions challenge every driver. About 30 percent of all accidents occur in the rain. With Uniroyal RainSport 2 and RainExpert Rainstore, you are well prepared for adverse conditions. The continuously improved Uniroyal tyre "RainExpert" offers you first-class driving characteristics, among other things due to the distinctively curved profile grooves. This pattern drains water very quickly. The rain tyre for small cars as well as for vehicles of the compact and medium class is also equipped with indicators, which show an insufficient profile depth and a non-uniform wear. Uniroyal tyres of the series RainSport, with the distinctive arched V-profile ribs, stand for safety even at high speeds.

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