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The innovations in combination with the long company history ensure high-quality tyres. You can rest assured that the Vredestein tyres combine the highest quality with the highest performance. Vredestein places very high demands on the products. You will receive tyres that have been carefully tested and give you an extraordinary driving experience. Vredestein guarantees that you receive a product that offers you great safety while protecting the environment. Vredestein attaches great importance to innovation, which is why the company invests in research facilities in order to always be equipped with the latest technological equipment. Thus, Vredestein is always one step ahead. The customer wishes are foreseen and fulfilled. If you are looking for a tyre that offers something special in terms of innovation and design, then you will find something at Vredestein.


Apollo Vredestein B.V. Is part of the Indian company Apollo Tyres Ltd. The main company seat of Vredestein is located in Enschede in the Netherlands and employs around 1,800 people. Vredestein has existed as a brand for over 100 years. In the automotive sector, the company is well known and respected. Vredestein manufactures tires for cars, agricultural equipment and bicycles. Vredestein cooperates with the design company Giugiaro, which designs many of the tires. Apollo Vredestein sells tyres under the names Apollo and Vredestein. Nowadays the Vredestein factory in Enschede produces more than six million tyres annually. Vredestein produces summer, winter and all-season tyres. In addition to the six million tyres, numerous tyres are also being produced for agricultural machines. Tyres for industrial vehicles and two-wheelers are produced in East Asia. The company is represented worldwide in 18 countries.The aim of the company is to continue to ensure the progress of the products with innovations and to act as a market-oriented and flexible company. Vredestein is constantly engaged in the development of new innovative products of first-class quality. Vredestein concentrates on the production of high-quality products. At the same time, the company conducts careful market analyzes in order to know and serve the needs of its customers. Vredestein organizes itself in flat hierarchies. Even the employees in lower positions should assume responsibility and exercise authority. Vredestein appreciates skills, creativity, courage, teamwork and flexibility among employees. These skills make the company's success and future perspective. In order to continue to develop innovative and optimal products, Vredestein operates a research facility, the Technical Center Enschede. Tyres from Vredestein meet the highest quality requirements, because the company knows the decisive role of the tires for the performance of a vehicle. The tyres are designed to provide low rolling resistance, durability, high comfort and low noise emission. In order to develop tyres with these characteristics, the research facility is indispensable. This is where materials, processes and design forms of the tyres are researched. Through close contact with several universities Vredestein has access to valuable knowledge resources. Customers are also actively involved in the development of tires. In the research facilities all innovations are carefully tested. Thus the best combination of design, performance and security can be found. These factors make a high quality tire. Vredestein has a special department dedicated to optimizing the environmental friendliness of the company.

In 1909, a year after Emile Louis Constant Ship bought the Dutch company Guttapercha Maatschappij, the name of the company was changed to NV Rubberfabriek Vredestein. At that time, the company produced rubber products such as tennis balls and shoes. The company expanded further and was put together in the 1960s with another rubber factory. In 1971, B.F. Goodrich Vredestein. This strengthened the market position of the company even more. In the 1970s Vredestein concentrated more on the production of tires for motor vehicles. During the oil crisis, the Dutch state took over 49 per cent of the company in the mid-1970s. The remaining 51 percent were owned by Stichting tot Voortzetting van Vredestein. In the 90s the successful collaboration of Vredestein with Giorgetto Giugiaro began. This was a milestone in the company's history. Giugiaro was a famous designer of car models. Its noble tire design combined with the high-quality tires from Vredestein to a new first-class product. In 2009 Apollo Tires purchased Vredestein on. Apollo decided to maintain the production site in the Netherlands and also invested in increasing the production capacity of the Dutch plant. Even before Apollo Vredestein bought, the company was one of the major tyre manufacturers in

Europe, the USA and Canada. With the acquisition of Apollo, the company was able to strengthen its presence in the Middle East and Asia.



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