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Tires for all seasons

Because Wanli tyres are produced in China, the prices are below those of the established European tyre brands. The company has to compete against the competition from its own country. Many Asian tyre manufacturers are trying to gain a foothold. Wanli tyres have been offered for around 30 years and are exported to around 100 countries, which is why they are also available here at Superior Cars. They should be safely on the road in all weather conditions and at the same time be economical. The latter is, for example, made possible by low wear, which the Wanli S-1063 offers according to several summer tyre tests. The EU tyre label, on the other hand, reveals whether a tyre also helps with fuel savings. The rolling resistance is responsible for this and should be small. In our Onlineshop, you will find the EU tyre label for every Wanli tyre and of course all other products.

Wanli summer- and winter tyres are produced in China so that they can be offered at an unbeatable price-performance ratio. Since the mid-90s, the tyre developers have been able to gain experience, Despite the strong competition from its own country, the brand can still hold its own with significant export figures on the European market.

Quality tyres from the Far East

That cheap is not always the same with bad must be, can easily be proven the car tyres of the Wanli brand. For many years, the quality has been steadily improved so that you can rely on your tyres even in adverse road conditions. Whether rain, snow or ice - the tyres will keep you safe on the road. 

Cheap tyres in almost all tyre dimensions

The Wanli winter tyres SW211 and SW611 are favourable quality tyres from China. Both tyre products are characterised by their particularly good handling properties during winter road conditions. The development of tyre profiles takes place in Europe, more precisely in Belgium. As a result, even more, know-how flows into the tyre development and errors occurring can be excluded at an early stage. The tyres of the Chinese manufacturer are therefore also becoming more popular with many European car drivers. In addition to high driving safety, they offer excellent driving comfort and low wear. Top tyres at great prices.

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