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The Asian Westlake tyres of the Zhongce Rubber Group are now available not only in Asia but all over the world. The company has been trying to compete with well-known manufacturers for some 50 years. Produced in China, where labour and material costs are particularly low. Westlake tyres are available for cars, vans, buses and trucks. These include the SW 608, a winter tyre that should score with its profitability. This can be read in part on the EU tyre label. Among other things, there is information about the rolling resistance, which affects fuel consumption. Of course, the safety is also very important and therefore the SW 608 has a central longitudinal groove and many transverse grooves to guide the water from the Westlake tyre. 

Westlake Winter tyres - Budget tyres with claim

Westlake winter tyres are available for all important vehicle applications in many different tyre dimensions in our Superior Cars tyre shop. So if you want to buy budget tyres online, then you should definitely keep this tyre brand in mind. 

Good tyres in the budget area

The tyre manufacturer has been producing the black rollers for more than 40 years and therefore has enough experience, of course, to produce such a product. Initially, they were only available in the Asian markets, but now they are more oriented towards the American and European markets.

European safety standards

The brand attaches great importance to meeting current and future European standards concerning tyre safety. This makes it possible to combine moderate price policy with high-quality products. Particularly popular with the Westlake winter tyres is the SW 608 Snowmaster, which is characterised by a low noise level, good rolling characteristics and good grip when the road is wet or snow.

This tyre is then also available in the standard sizes for compact vehicles and mid-class vehicles. The manufacturer is also well represented in other segments. The Chinese also produce tyres for minibuses, off-road vehicles and SUVs. The wide range of the product range pays off as, over the past few years, more and more satisfied customers have opted for tyres of this brand.

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