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First of all, Yokohama tyres are reliable and of first-class quality. Yokohama offers tyres for all vehicles, from passenger cars to trucks to construction vehicles. By investing heavily in the development of new products, through careful testing and through sales at low prices, Yokohama strives to enrich people's lives. Yokohama uses the latest technologies. The employees of the company strive to create a lighter and more beautiful life for people, society and the whole world. If you are looking for tyres that meet high quality requirements and have been manufactured by an environmentally conscious company, then Yokohama has the right tyre for you. The tyres of Yokohama are reliable and increase the driving pleasure.


Yokohama was founded in 1917 and is one of the world's leading tyre manufacturers. The company's headquarters are located in Tokyo. Yokohama employs about 20,000 people. The company produces tyres for passenger cars, SUVs, trucks, buses, industrial vehicles etc. Yokohama not only produces tyres, but also rubber hoses, waterproof materials, incandescent lamps and golf products. Yokohama has a research facility that develops materials and product designs. There, products are also tested and evaluated. In addition to this research facility, the company's tyres are tested in three test systems. One of these systems is specially designed to test winter tyres. In order to guarantee the highest quality of the products, all Yokohama production facilities are marked with ISO 9001 certification, which is used internationally to certify quality assurance. In addition to the high demands on the quality of its tyres, the company is also committed to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. For this, highly efficient systems are used.

The goal of Yokohama is to create products that improve and facilitate people's lives. In order to develop such products that increase well-being, the company is investing heavily in the development of new technologies. Yokohama also attaches importance to creating a workplace where its employees are valued and given energy. Yokohama's goal is for all employees to work together and to do their best in product development, thereby lightening human life. Yokohama strives to cooperate with society in a fair way and work in harmony with the environment. The research facility of Yokohama is located in the Hiratsuka plant. It is equipped with the latest equipment and the latest instruments. There the researchers are developing next-generation technologies. Yokohama also has access to most of the test systems in which

the tyres are tested. This allows the company to guarantee the highest quality. The test system D-PARC is used to test how the tires behave under different weather conditions and road surfaces. Here, for example, is a test track that simulates a ride on winding mountain roads. In the TYRE TEST CENTER OF ASIA, the performance of the tyres is tested at high speeds. All tyres of the company are subjected to this rigorous test. As a result, Yokohama guarantees that you, the customer, receive a tyre of the highest quality and best performance.Yokohama was founded by Yokohama Cable Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (today Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.) and the American company BF Goodrich. In 1919, the company began manufacturing tyres at its factory in Hiranuma. It was only in 1937 that the tyres were marked with the Yokohama label, and finally, in 1963, the entire company was sold to The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. renamed. Since its founding, Yokohama has continuously expanded and expanded its business and its facilities. Yokohama was already very early on environmental protection. In 1993, the company had developed an action plan that laid down guidelines for the protection of the environment. Since then Yokohama has further strengthened its environmental friendliness. To reduce emissions, Yokohama launched a project to reduce industrial waste in 2001. Yokohama is also committed to a project to preserve forests. Thus, trees were planted on all Yokohama plants. Yokohama is continually working to minimize emissions and make the world a bit better. It goes without saying that Yokohama has developed production structures that minimize the impact on the environment, as well as the existing plants. Yokohama is also committed to recycling all waste in the future. Today, all Yokohama plants in Japan have reached Zero-emission. The company is aware of its responsibility for sustainable and ecological development.



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