Wheel Balancing

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Wheel balancing during a tyre change is a MUST.

An imbalance on the tyre is dangerous. As the speed increases, the imbalance increases and the contact area between the tyre and the road decreases. The wheel is no longer running "round". The driver performs uncontrolled steering movements.The steering wheel trembles, the vehicle vibrations impair the driving comfort and the life of the axle- and bodywork components are reduced. Therefore, the balancing of all four wheels on the car is absolutely necessary.

For us at Superior Cars it simply is part of proper tyre- and rim assembly assembly.No tyre change without wheel balancing!

Why not watch how the wheel balancing is done properly in our Superior Cars workshop in Northampton while you are waiting?

Our experts will be happy to show- and explain the whole procedure to you.

If you can't come to us for tyre fitting but want to get the tyres delivered to your home for a fitting appointment at a garage nearer to you, please make sure you choose a good garage which also balances the wheels properly without short cuts. This is not about extra time - this is all about your safety!

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